Entry #1

About Me?

2009-05-05 17:33:27 by HollowSonic10

I'm the person that likes anime, comedy, action, Music, and Drawing
My name is Maris Crawford
im African american, got black hair(Short hair), im 5.9 to 6ft,&
got brown eye color.
I live in michigan, in tthe United states.

Well My favorit anime is Bleach, One Piece, final Fantasy7, and Naruto
My Favorite Movies is Rush Hour 2, and 3, Naruto the Stone of Geleel, and Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

About how I draw I don't jock off of other peoples Drawing; I just Draw Charachters Out of
the Blue;They turn out Awsome!

the music I listen is Rap, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Metal(for some reason)
And finally Comedy that I like is Family Guy, the simsoms, and the wayne Bros.XD

About Me?


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